Prevent a Topic from appearing in the recent list when its tags are modified

Is it possible to add or remove tags to a topic and have it not be updated and appear at the top of its category and in the list of recent posts?

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(By “post” do you actually mean Topic? I think you did so edited the title: Tags are a Topic level concept not a Post concept)

Yeah this always kills me. I wish there was a setting to toggle that behaviour!

The workaround is to use the admin Topic action from the Topic footer wrench called “Reset Bump Date” after a change.

However it’s a frustrating utter waste of time to have to Reset Bump Date every time I want to update the tag population without bumping a Topic!

Perhaps by some miracle I’m missing a feature?!


Yes, sorry, already edited :wink:

It never happends to me :thinking:

Because of this disable tags edit notifications?


I owe you a :beer:. Cheers!

I just tested that and you are correct. Awesome! 5 more minutes of my life back a day!

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Thanks!! I was not aware of the existence of this option :clap::clap::blush:

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Damn, I knew something you guys didn’t. It’s time to take a sip of Caol Ila (thaks our scottish friends for that) :grin:


I plan to do a little dance in my kitchen.

kitchen dancing GIF by Staatsloterij

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Btw, it gets even better. This also blocks bumping from switching Categories!

Is there no end to today’s great tidings?!


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