Tagging topics without affecting topic placement

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Just in the early phases with a first forum, as an admin I added tags to some of the older topics and my impression is that as a result those topics appeared at the top of the list of topics for users checking in, above the new topic.
Is there a way to avoid that happening… to tag topics without affecting where they appear in the list of topics seen by users?

(Stephen) #2

You can reset the bump date when editing any single-post topic:


(Stephen Ronan) #3

Thanks. In my case these were indeed single-post topics, so that solved the problem there. Is there any recommendation in respect to multi-posts topics, which I’d expect to be an issue in the future, with all the tagging done to topics by staff?

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Topics are bumped when the last post in a topic is edited, for single post topics this includes tagging. It won’t occur when tagging topics which have replies.

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