Prevent new tag from updating topic currency

At present, adding a new tag to an old topic updates its currency. This seems a bit of an overreaction and it would be useful to be able to disable this functionality. Here is a screenshot example:

In this case, the tag scenarios was added and the topic age automatically resets to zero.

This seems somewhat counterintuitive to me because tagging is more like maintenance than content change? Indeed, as an admin, I quite often add tags to topics, even after some months or longer has passed. In which case, making the affected topics current again seems a bit excessive? TIA. R

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Have you tried using the Reset Bump Date option in the topic menu? That can help here.


I just undertook some tag maintenance to 22 topics and diligently used the reset bump date feature before saving in all cases. But that functionality does not seem to have taken and all 22 topics are now the freshest displayed. The site in question can be found here. I am the lead‑admin on the site and have only one account so I would have had full privileges.

Is this a feature, a bug, a regression, or a misunderstanding on my part? TIA. R

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You click it after the save. :+1:


A feature, bug, regression, and misunderstanding all rolled into one therefore! Tx! R


I sometimes add a table of contents (TOC) via:

<div data-theme-toc="true"> </div>

and then the little spanner icon on the right disappears. That is the icon I use to access the reset bump date feature. And I cannot do so with the TOC present. Is this a bug? Is there some other way of accessing the feature in question?

There should be another topic admin wrench at the bottom of the topic you can use. It’s not as handy, but it’s there if you need it.

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Thanks, great to know.