Prevent changing full names after a certain time?


Is there a feature to prevent names being changed after a certain period?


I don’t think there is – no. Can you explain your use case in a little more detail? What problem are you facing?

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I’m facing the problem where users are inclined to provide their full name at registration, which should be “locked in”. They should not be able to change it afterwards due to certain company privacy terms, if the original name during registration is inappropriate, administrators can change it but users should not be able to change it themselves. The username feature is great as it achieves exactly this, however, the full name feature does not have a similar setting which it should have, in my opinion.

Users can essentially use their name as a ‘playground’ or ‘status’ to send messages which is not meant to be the case, and we’d like to completely eliminate that by blocking users from changing their full name after registration. I apologize for not going into full detail, however, I hope you can understand the underlying issue. I’m not sure if this would be difficult to implement but it would be extremely useful.