Prevent keywords to become hyperlink

Can I prevent certain words to become hyperlink? e.g users often type certain keywords e.g Abc.Net that becomes broken hyperlinks. which is harmful for seo considering there are many such broken links.


You can remove/edit the TLD ext links in your admin settings. Have a search in there for “markdown linkify tlds”.


I don’t pretend to know about SEO, but unless the user is tl3 then the links should be marked nofollow. So shouldn’t they be ignored as far as SEO is concerned? (but I think I saw somewhere that nofollow was more of a suggestion than a rule).

If they always use the same one (e.g.,, which I have never seen anyone use before in places that I have seen) you might be able to use watched words to replace them.

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Broken links don’t affect SEO anyway. And nofollow is just a suggestion and search bots follow it or not. And if there is nofollow or not, it has nothing to do with backlinkvalue either.

So, broken links bother only users.

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If it’s a particular user who just wants more control over what they’re unintentionally auto-linking, they can add something like <hairsp> to break up the extension.




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And an easier version of that is just to wrap with backticks or use the </> tool in the composer like Maybe it’s just a user education issue

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Just? Sure it is an education issue. But it is really big UX and UI issue too. Such tricks than breaked html-tag are

  • not logical (unless one is coder or similar)
  • must remember one (useless) detail more
  • different than anywhere else

And then is wondered why there is difficulties to get people in Discourse-based forums and why markdown is not that widely loved than here quite often so many thinks :wink:

In Discourse is already too high demand to know HTML to write an ordinary forum post, and if Ordinary Joe/Jane must learn how to break html-tags it is just too much (I don’t know if that trick has anything to do with html-tags but if it looks/smells/tastes like tag in bad UX it will be a zebra :wink: )

There is no easy AND good solutions, I reckon. The closest to good would be a black list. There is still big chance that someone will use something like and get a functional link — but it is matter of high Ts and staff. And there we can educate — but it can’t be counted as final or even good solution.

An ordinary user has learned that URLs doesn’t work all the time — Facebook teached it :wink: That’s why so many knows the most common trick: mywebsite .com.