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(Dave Higgins) #1

How can I prevent a URL from becoming a hyperlink, without (ab)using another formatting feature such as inline code formatting?

I notice I can quote: “”, but I’d like to avoid that. Is it possible to somehow escape the auto-link change as I create/edit a post?

(Mittineague) #2


(Burke) #3

I noticed this solution does not work any longer. It was the first thing I tried before googling and finding this post. I’ll keep looking for a solution. Surprisingly, even is converted into a hyperlink if on the same line as a regular link.

Looks like I’ll be using www<span>.</span>example<span>.</span>com

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Why in the world would you do any of that when you can simply use a proper code span with the ` key?

See Markdown Reference

(Michael Howell) #5

Because it’s not code?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Preformatted text has other meanings. I reject the premise in the first post, it reads like “how can I avoid hitting myself if I really like hitting myself?”

(Burke) #7

I just want to be able to type out a domain name as text (without formatting/styling) and have enough OCD not only go to length of using <span>.</span>, but also to spend time finding out why \. doesn’t work as expected and post about it.

Fortunately, not everyone is cursed with my level of OCD. :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Zero width Unicode spacers would also work but anyone who copies and pastes that URL is in for a surprise… and not the good kind! Dunno if @sam has any other ideas but the request is really odd.

(Sam Saffron) #9

Yeah bypassing linkify is not easy:


We had a similar request with complaints about being autolinked.

I do wonder if we should side with @Vitaly here and disable linkify fuzzy out of the box. Cause will continue to work even if linkify fuzzy is disabled. So all you do is lose out on

I think we should probably amend the test here to have a simpler bypass for fuzzy, just not sure what it would be

(Stephen Chung) #10

Well, using ` does turn the text into a <code></code> section instead of <pre></pre> which is preformatted text.

@notriddle Technically speaking there is a difference, but there really is no reason why <code></code> can’t be acceptable – URL’s are a form of “code” afterall.

(Burke) #11

Well said. The few cases where it has come up for me are when I’m trying to point someone to one url instead of another – i.e., when I’m trying to de-emphasize a URL. For example:

A: Just use instead of and select OpenMRS, Inc. as your charity.

B: Just use instead of and select OpenMRS, Inc. as your charity.

B is certainly a reasonable workaround; personally I prefer A. But, this is such an embarrassingly small issue, I can’t justify anyone (including myself) spending time on it. I’ve got amazon<span>.</span>com as a workaround for the 1-2 times I’ll ever need this again, so I’m happy… clearly afflicted with too much focus on meaningless details… but happy.

The awesome folks working on Discourse have more important things to do. I recommend focusing on other ways to continue making Discourse the most awesome forum software in the world and let this thread fade away. I’m sure I’ll re-discover this thread in a few years when this comes up again, so won’t need to post about it ever again. :nerd_face:

(and I promise to not suggest a Discourse GSoC project to add support for www\.example\.com)