Prevent Reply to Post showing as a Reply to topic?

Hey everyone! I just set up my first Discourse forum woot woot!

When someone replies to a post, it also shows up essentially as it’s own post. Is there a way to change this so the post replies are only visible by expanding the post?

I feel like it will make things more streamlined. Let me know!

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I don’t think so, but this might help you to an extent:


Thanks for the reply. I think nested replies would be a great feature, but maybe I’m in the minority

It’s a commonly used way to show branching replies, but it comes with its own downsides. Some of the thought behind Discourse sticking to a flat discussion structure is covered here:


Ok I don’t mind the idea of flat by design and I see the benefit, however it has it’s draw backs as well. Could this be changed with a theme so if we wanted to try it, we would have the option?

Hi Garett, welcome here :slight_smile:

Nested replies are likely not to happen on Discourse and it’s not on the roadmap. It would be huge work.
Even if someone was to develop a plugin to implement such a feature, it should probably be heavily maintained not to break along Discourse’s core changes over time.

Here’s a Discourse team member’s reply made to someone on marketplace who wanted to have nested replies:


I think the universal forum approach wants a single discussion, with possibilities to link and mention another ones.

Threaded discussions sounds more like Reddit, Slack or Discord: social media, teams and trivial chat (not forum systems).


Thank you guys. I appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me

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You’re welcome! We, whether we are regular members or part of the team, do our best to help here :slight_smile:

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