Replies in tree structure

I want replies to a topics to be organised in tree structure like other forums scripts have. I’ve done some searching and can’t find any solution and I also came to realize that Discourse was never developed in that way. The replies are mostly few years old so not sure if it has changed?

I was wondering if tree structure for replies can be achieved or it’s just a total no? If yes how?

Until someone comes along and quotes an authority, I’ll give you the short answer, which is No :slight_smile:

When people have clicked the small reply-to-post button instead of the main reply-to-topic button it’s possible to collapse/hide the other replies, but that only goes half way to what you want.

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You can write a theme component (or maybe a plugin! IDK) to stylize the replies to your preference. That being said, it is not directly supported and there is not setting to configure in discourse core that would enable that functionality.

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It’s so confusing when you are coming from other forum scripts. I’m 2 days and so far not able to get my way around it.

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If I’ve to write or know how to write plugin I would build my own forum software.

If you click the little 1 (or probably 2 now) on my first post above, you’ll see our conversation with the other replies hidden.

That’s even better! Total control on your own software, Just the way you like it :slight_smile:

Discourse follows the flat model for discoussions:

If you are looking for a threaded/tree-like software there is


I had misunderstood it myself. I think doing this shows all n replies to the relevant post but only the direct replies. So after this second reply to your post the number beside it might be 2 and it’ll show my two replies (but not any future replies to my own posts).

What forum software are you using daily? Do/did you not use forums like phpBB, vBulletin, Vanilla, etc?

I don’t know your goal (create a new community?), but I’m sure you’d be able to get your way around it fairly quickly. “Flat” discussions are quite common on the Internet.

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