Prevent some groups' user titles from displaying?

I would like to be able to selectively prevent the default titles of some groups from being displayed. Best case scenario would be that I could prevent them from being displayed on posts, but allow them to be displayed in user profiles.

I know I could use CSS to hide all titles on posts, but I would prefer to only hide certain group titles.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


So you want some people to be able to see the default title but not others? You could just delete the default title.

Also, there is a “automatically set as primary group” (in the membership tab) that you can un-check to that it wouldn’t show, I think.


Thanks, yes. I wanted to make it idiot-proof, so that mods who create new groups–groups that we don’t want titles for–don’t fill in the default title. We’ll just have to stay on top of it.

From what I can tell, that check box still allows users to manually add the title in their user profile.