Preview bug (loom, slideshare etc..)

I found a bug in the preview of loom and slideshare link (an probably others) :

But when it’s posted, it works well :

It’s problematic because people can think that the integration doesn’t works so they don’t post it.


I don’t believe this is a bug, previously when previewing videos and other media types in the composer they’d re-render on every keystroke… so to avoid that we now use a generic placeholder instead.

I can see how the placeholders could be interpreted as a broken embed… I wonder if there’s something we can do to clarify…


Maybe if the preview doesn’t work, it should be better to don’t use the placeholder but just keep the link, then people will have the good surprise to see that it’s embeded when posted, instead that thinking that there is a bug.

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Add a title tag saying “this will become media on topic submission”?

Not sure we should do anything in here to pollute the preview…