Primary Domains Auto-redirects to Sub-Domain (Digital Ocean Droplet)

I am in the process of setting up discourse on my new droplet, and for some reason the prime domain automatically redirects to the subdomain

The primary domain is also not covered by the letsencrypt ssl certificate, while the sub-domain is.

Also, the ssl cert is only valid through 5/2020. How can this be extended? If there is any guides anyone can point me to that would explain a solution for the redirect, explain adding the same ssl for the prime domain, and how to substantially extend the validity of the ssl cert, I would be very grateful.

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Check your DNS file to make sure you don’t have a CNAME record that redirects to

If you are using the official install guide with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, it is set up to auto-renew.

As for installing an SSL certificate for the primary domain, here are some example guides:


If you want I have your apex (bare) domain point to www see

Your https certificate is automatically renewed. You don’t need to worry about it. See for more info.