Private group showing up on message area

Keeper is a private group but the user can see the group name below the message area. When user click on the link user will see:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Is keeper in the site contact group name in the site settings?

Is the user in the group? Aa you said its a private group so they won’t be able to see it if they aren’t in it.

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Ya, keeper is the site contact group name.

The user is not in the group and the group Visibility who can see this group was set to Group owners.

I think the group name in the user message area should be hidden unless the user is one of the group members and have access to the group

Am I missed something?

Sorry for the late reply.

Mmmh Not sure on this. Yes it exposes a group that is private but then again (personally) I like to see wo is in my personal message.

I’m unsure what the bug is here? Can you not remove the keeper group from that site setting? Can you talk me through your use case for including the private group as a contact group in automatically generated personal messages?

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AFAIK this isn’t a bug. There’s no way to conceal the recipients to a personal message.

If you add a group to a PM, either by site setting or by explicitly adding it the name will appear to everyone that receives a message.

The group is hidden from /groups but that doesn’t mean it’s invisible.