Private Soundcloud tracks do not OneBox?


I am hoping to use Discourse as not only a community forum but also a microblogging platform for members to share private creative experiments using any digital medium.

So far, unlisted Youtube videos and private Imgur images OneBox fine, but I can’t get private Soundcloud tracks to OneBox… is there a workaround for this?



Not an easy one. You’d need to make discourse able to read your private data.


Actually, I just found a way around it. I added to allowed iframes in Settings, and then simply pasted the Embed iframe code for the private track and voila, it plays from within Discourse as I’d hoped.

Thanks for taking the time to respond anyway!


So you must mean “unlisted” Soundcloud tracks when you say private?

@codinghorror Ah well inside Soundcloud, it’s termed “private”, so that was the term I used. I know in Youtube there is a difference between Private and Unlisted but there isn’t an “unlisted” option in Soundcloud.


Ah yes that is equivalent to unlisted, also in Discourse too!


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