Problem adding theme


I’ve already added several features, but since yesterday I’ve had this error message that prevented me from installing others.

Can you please tell me what’s blocking it?


Looks like you’re not logged in as an admin?

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yea that’s what i was wondering. i sent him a pm to get a bit more info (and i wanted to test the install of the theme he was trying) and he verified that he’s installed other components. i gave instructions to try it from the admin-customize interface to make sure he’s logged in. he hasn’t responded yet, but i meant to update this topic.

anyways i was able to test what he was trying to install and it definitely worked. so my guess is the same as yours.

I’m an admin though…

Strange. What happens if you install by pasting the github url instead?

hi @Wil34 try this way:

go to admin-customize-themes

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Yes this is work.


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i’m glad it worked. good luck with your new forum. :slight_smile:

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