Problem Error 429 with Reverse proxy

Hi, My Discourse is run with reverse proxy (NPM)

the discourse don’t it does not support the x-forwarded field and therefore shows me all the time the ip address of my reverse proxy when we look for example from which ip the user is registering etc …

I sniff the request on discourse and the X-forwarder is present but in access.log the IP view is the reverse proxy

I view on interne il necessary to change the configuration template or de configuration file nginx for Discourse (not nginx on NPM)

do you help me for this ? because the discourse activate de tempalte web.ratelimite and send most error 429

Thank you for you help

See How to set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites - sysadmin - Discourse Meta for an example of how to conduits) configure the internal nginx for your reverse proxy ip.

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