Problem with firefox 81 on a specific instance of discourse in uploading images

Not sure what category to put this in… so I’m putting it in as a bug… Just FYI, not a tech savy type, so hopefully, I can make the problem clear.

I’m a regular poster on the Boing Boing BBS. My browser is firefox 81.0.1 (64-bit), which is the most updated for my OS (fedora). This morning, after about a half hour or so of normally being able to post images, my ability to upload images stopped working - this was true from the giphy widget, the emoji widget, uploading from my computer, copy/paste as a screen shot, or even quote directly from another poster (though I can copy and paste text from another poster). None are working the the Boing Boing BBS. It seems like one other person running a more current version of FF on a mac had a similar issue thus far. If a mod who works on that BBS can go check it out, I’d appreciate it. It might give you more context.

I am on a different instance of discourse, and had no problems with these issues there (though they have no giphy embedded widget there, but they do have the emoji widget).


Okay… just tried to post something here, and same problem…

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It looks the current version of Firefox (101) is packaged for every still supported Fedora release:

I’m using latest Firefox as a daily driver and uploads are working just fine for me on the current version.

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Okay! I’ll get mine updated and see if that helps! I will report back if it does.