Problem with tags on new discourse instance?

My new discourse instance (currently on 38950840e0) has been up just a few days. When enabling tags today, I quickly ran into a bunch of issues.

When I make a new topic, I can add a tag and all works as expected. However, when I try to edit an existing topic to add a tag, or to create a new tag, nothing happens. I see the tag going out in the network request on a PUT, and then being logged in to the database I see nothing show up in the topic_tags or tags tables.

I also found that sometimes tags link to /tag/<tagname> and sometimes to /tags/<tagname>. The former works, the latter doesn’t.

I have a mostly default install with few plugins - just the multilingual plugin, which does touch the tags feature I suppose? I haven’t changed many settings in the admin, regarding tags I’ve just checked Enable tags on topics? and nothing else.

The forum is online but it’s currently set to private, I can give an invite link if someone wants to take a look…

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The tag route was recently renamed from tags to tag. It seems likely that the issue is being caused by a plugin.

Can you try going to your site’s error logs (found at Admin / Logs / Error Logs) and then tagging a topic? Possibly this will trigger an entry into the logs. If it does, or if you see any old log entries that refer to tags, have a look at what is displayed in the ‘info’ and ‘backtrace’ tabs for the log entry.

The ‘backtrace’ tab might give us information about what is causing the issue. It will look something like this:


Thanks for the reply. Nothing in the logs. The only thing I can guess would be something from Multilingual Plugin 🌐 is not updated to the recent changes yet?

In fact I really don’t need the whole plugin, only one part of it: disable the use of existing interface languages, but I don’t see another way to do that easily.

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For future reference in case anyone finds this useful, I pulled out the very short snippet needed from the multilingual plugin into a separate plugin and it works fine for my use case:

// assets/javascripts/discourse/initializers/custom-locale-initializer.js.es6

import { withPluginApi } from 'discourse/lib/plugin-api';
import { default as discourseComputed } from "discourse-common/utils/decorators";

export default {
  name: 'custom_locale',
  initialize(container) {
    const siteSettings = container.lookup("site-settings:main");

    if (!siteSettings.custom_locale_disable_others) return;
    withPluginApi('0.11.1', api => {
      api.modifyClass('controller:preferences/interface', {
        availableLocales() {
            return [
                { value: 'en', name: 'English' },
                { value: 'cust', name: 'My Custom Locale'},

Tags working again as expected, so I can confirm the problem is in the plugin. (Tried editing various references from /tags to /tag but was unsuccessful.)


Do you mean “from /tags to /tag…”? :slightly_smiling_face: