Problems installing Spoiler plugin

@techAPJ Hey, thanks for the plug-in.
I have discourse in a droplet on digitalocean, and I followed your instructions to the letter.
(appended the YAML file without - sudo -E …) but when I rebuild, it just throws me a bunch of errors, and then discourse is unable to save any new topic. I removed the plugin and rebuilt and everything was fine. I am on discourse 2.9.0.beta3 with no other plug ins installed, a standard install with the default theme.
The droplet only has 2GB RAM, is this what causes the issue?
Thanks in advance

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Did you have problems with other plugins? I too run on DO, and I never have issues with the plugin, including the time when I only had a very basic droplet.

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@ckshen I never tried to install anything else. I am not good at all with linux, but I thought i’d give it a shot by following the instructions to the letter. It just took ages to rebuilt, and I created a swap file during the install to avoid crashing the droplet. I can see that the rebuilt is very resource intensive (like cpu 100%) but I thought a small plug in like this can’t break my install.
I had similar issues when upgrading Moodle on TMD’s cloud servers, where all the resources were hogged and the site throttled as a result, this is why I mentioned 2GB RAM which may not be enought ?

The first several years of our forum was run on a 2gb ram droplet with the spoiler alert plugin and a bunch of others, so the ram shouldn’t be a problem.

The time to rebuild with a plugin and without a plugin should be similar. For me, its about 5-10 mins.

Try installing another plugin instead and see if you have problems? Most plugins are installed the same way. If you have problems with rebuilding with another plugin, or without plugins, then you can narrow the issue.

You should have a line in your app.yml after

- git clone

that says:

- git clone

That’s pretty much it to install the plugin.

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Yes this is exactly wHat i did. It downloaded the plugin ok but broke the site at rebuilt, on 2 or 3 occasions

Hi Nik,
could you post the result of free -h on your host, the errors thrown during the rebuild and maybe your app.yml (expurged from the sensitive data, password, etc…)?

Hiya @Niik. :wave:

Could you describe how it broke your the site? Were there error messages in the terminal? Did the site load afterward, but act differently? Let us know. :slight_smile:

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