Profile Avatar for email notifications (from Noreply)

We’d like to select an avatar that will appear in the user’s inbox when they receive messages from our discourse instance. (i.e. when someone follows them or mentions them in a discussion). The admin account email address is a GSuite email address. (not sure if it helps to know that.)

The notification email from discourse appears to be coming from:

Is there a way to set up/define an avatar?

Currently, when I look in Gmail, at one of these notifications, there is no avatar from the sender (the no-reply email above).


I also use a desktop mac app email client called Spark. Interestingly, an avatar is appearing here, but it’s an old avatar that I used to have associated with my account. And I don’t know where to changes this.


I don’t think that is a standard email feature, so you probably set it on the GSuite email account, and that will show in GMail clients.

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