How can I change or select different email formats with different colours?

Hi, I tried to find the solution by search but did not manage :frowning:
I would like to understand how/if the email format type can be selected: with or without avatar etc.

I do have several discourse instances. Two for dev the other for prod.
One one instance I get emails formatted “nicely” with the avatar and “Previous Replies” also have the avatars. That is nice, but some email clients (e.g. iOS) show the avatar url in the message preview.

For the other instances I see that there are no avatars attached, the overall style is simpler with

Previous Replies

Even the footer differs:

The one with avatars

without avatars:

I tried hard but could not figure out what the difference could be in the site/user settings. Can anyone help with that?


are they both the same versions of discourse ?

yes, all are 2.8.0.beta7 (it’s a central management)

in admin > settings look for apply custom styles to digest

are they on or off ?

it’s enabled everywhere (I guess that is the default)

next step is, check if the email style are the same