Profile picture (avatar) and site setting uploads are not working


we have a hosted instance for our open-source project at and are unable to upload custom profile pictures. The upload stays stuck at 0% and the console shows

[Uppy] [09:54:53] TypeError: this.uppy.getFilesByIds is not a function

I doubt this is a generic Discourse bug, but perhaps more related to our instance? In any case I would appreciate some help.

Thank you!


You can try safe mode and see if that fixes it.

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Thanks for the pointer @pfaffman. Unfortunately not even safe mode with all three things disabled helped me with my issue.

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Hi Christian!

This looks to be an issue introduced by a routine dependent library upgrade, but it should be already fixed in tests-passed. Upgrading your Discourse to tests-passed should fix it.

EDIT: apologies! I missed the fact that you’re hosted by us. The fix was deployed to your site 3h ago so you shouldn’t be seeing the issue anymore; let us know otherwise.


Hi, I am also experiencing a similar issue. When I tried to upload my logos, the uploading prompt stayed at 0% for hours. On checking my console, I found this error message: Could not load content for (HTTP error: status code 403, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE).

I’d appreciate any help I can get on this.


It looks like we may still have a spot to fix that affects contexts like avatar and site setting uploads. We’ll sort it out ASAP.


Appear to be having the same issue here on Meta

I think it just might be a generic Discourse bug. Today, we tried to upload images for new badge icons and have the same problem. Upload stuck at 0%.

Hoping this gets fixed.

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Thanks for the reports everyone. The fix for this is in place and will make it to your sites the next time you update. If you are a customer of ours, you should have the fix already.


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