Project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2017

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Please post your links to any appropriate GSoC ideas here. If you’re not familiar with GSoC, briefly put it’s an event run by Google wherein they pay students to work on an open source project for 3 months. We participated last year, and will be applying this year as well.

If you have a feature on your wishlist that fits the scope of a 3-month student project, share it here!

If you have an idea that hasn’t been discussed before, please start a new topic about it first and then link to it from here. Feel free to share multiple links in one reply.

I’ll be updating the official doc with your suggestions:


Hello @erlend_sh,

I see that Post Slack snapshot to Discourse project idea is not anymore in the GSoC 2017 ideas list. I think there is already someone working on it, according to this:

Are there other project ideas that could be removed?

The rest is still up for grabs.

All of the ideas listed are enhancements that we genuinely care about though, so on rare occasions the core team might end up taking on one of those ideas, e.g. if a client has asked for it.

To avoid conflict, we highly recommend openly inquiring about the project idea(s) you’re interested in as early on as possible.


Hello Everyone,

I’m a GSoC aspirant and would like to work with Discourse Community this summer. Is there any IRC Channel or forum where all the aspirants are discussing about the ideas, because I can’t find one :confused:

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That forum… you just found it :slight_smile:


Oh! That’s great.
How would I start contributing to Discourse?? Though I have my college Mid-sems this week but, I’ll be active after it.

It’s explained in the Ideas List as well as the Application Guide.

  1. Read our Contribution Guidelines.

  2. Find some #pr-welcome and/or #starter-task topics that you’d feel comfortable diving into.


I’d love to see this happen as part of GSoC - would go a long way to offering community spaces for people who speak different tongues :stuck_out_tongue: but have shared interests and needs.

And this:

@erlend_sh I see that the “multiple email addresses” project has been removed from the ideas list. Was it decided that this feature isn’t wanted any more? Or has someone taken it on?

Yes, “multiple email addresses” will be handled internally; we definitely still want it!

In retrospect it was a bit overambitious of me to add that to the ideas list.


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I might be a bit late to the party. I just found out about the GSoC program yesterday and submitted a brief proposal ! :sweat_smile:

I just posted a potential enhancement or plugin that could be built into the composer / editor window. Link the discussion is here.

The gist of the plugin/enhancement is that a user’s post could be pre-flagged and they could be notified that what they are about to post may be toxic and that they should take time to review it. I think the Google Jigsaw team has been working towards developing something like this. @codinghorror linked google’s perspectiveAPI. I haven’t had time to play around with it myself but it looks promising from my initial glance. Maybe a plugin that uses that api?

What are your thoughts/feelings on something like this?