Project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2018

Is there any page that lists project ideas for GSoC 2018?

Not sure, perhaps @erlend_sh can advise.

Not yet. We don’t even know if we’re accepted yet. Ideas list will go up after that.

@jomaxro will be administrating GSoC this year.


I don’t know how Google evaluates the applications, but from other projects I gather that a list a project ideas may influence the decision. It makes sense to me. If you had to accept someone, how would you evaluate him?
Anyway, making a list of project ideas should not be so difficult.

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The general consensus among GSoC participants is that it’s good at least to have an “indicative” ideas list available for Google to review as part of the application. It need not be complete by then, and ideas could be removed/changed between application time up until the time that orgs are announced.


I’m part of the community for Open Data Kit, a set of open source tools for mobile data collection primarily used in the developing world (@downey hangs out there, too!). Our users are all over the world and one thing the community has been requesting is a map of users to make it easier to find local collaborators.

We’ve been talking about possible GSoC ideas for our organization and building a Discourse plugin for mapping users has come up. Would anyone here be interested in co-mentoring with someone from our end?

I see there’s some interest in this kind of functionality from the Visual map of users feature thread and the discussion around @angusLocations Plugin.


@lognaturel The visual map of users would make for an interesting project. The location’s plugin’s components are relatively isolated, so it would be possible to extend it, or at least import some basic elements such as the map, geocoding functionality, address labelling etc.

I’d be open to co-mentoring if appropriate.


@angus If you can mentor the technology side, I’m glad to mentor the more features/spec/UX side. And as far as logistics, this feels a lot more like a Discourse GSoC project, but if it needs a “home” we are glad to host it at ODK.


Sounds fine to me. I’d be happy to be involved through either Discourse or ODK, or both.


I think the scope of this is small enough that we could do at least a solid MVP outside of GSoC, especially with the help of Angus and Yaw as mentors. Pinning your hopes on GSoC is always risky since it comes down to slots allotted, other strong ideas to compete with etc.

I’ll continue this conversation with all of you in a PM.


Unfortunately we did not get accepted for GSoC 2018. We will however be participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code and Outreachy, both of which we have fixed projects for.