"Promoting" replies to be standalone posts (as an admin)

I kinda screwed up with some guidance I gave to new members and would appreciate suggestions for a) how to fix this and b) how to stop it happening again.

I have a category, called About You, that is intended to be a place for folks to introduce themselves. Most members are doing what I anticipated and creating a new post in that category.

However, I also have a single post that describes the category (“This category is where you can post a little about yourself, blah, blah”). Unfortunately, I have a number of new members reply to that topic. That a) means there is no new topic that “pops” to others and b) kind of hides their introductions, since they are now just replies to an old topic.

So, I have two questions.

  • What’s the best way to get these misplaced replies resubmitted as new posts? Is there any way an admin can do that on behalf of the member, but such that their name is associated with it (from a privacy / integrity perspective I almost want the answer to be No, but I would like to be able to do so for this scenario). My target audience is often “of a certain age” and I fear they may not understand how to resolve this, so I want to help them out.

  • What is the preferred way to ensure that no-one can reply to the original post - simply lock it?

Thank you.

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As an admin/moderator, you can just split them into a new topic:

Select the post(s) you want to move into a new topic:

When you select “move to” you will get a popup with several options:

Yep, locking the topic will prevent any replies.


Totally missed that - but it’s awesome :slight_smile: Thank you!


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