Proposal for new Desktop Category Page Style: Category Box View with Unread

It would be ncie if we could somehow break the New and Unread values here:

into Category Specific values.


  • Provides clear activity overview of Sub-communities for medium to large Discourse Instances
  • Allows users to prioritise their time based on amount of recent activity in a Category
  • Gives Users an idea of which Categories their contributions could potentially have great effect – In the example below, the Woodworking category is relatively quiet. A user who is an expert in Woodworking may see this as an opportunity for them to provide value to the overall community by contributing more regularly.

Mock ups

Building upon the Box view for Categories, I drafted up the following:

Box View with New(Blue) and Unread(Beige)

Box View with Unread (Beige)

Box View with Unread (Blue)

How viable would this be?

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Box view would be cool as an option, but I still like my list view.

And also, this component already does this to a degree.