Dismiss Topics/Replies per Category

Sometimes I wish for a more focused view per category, in terms of the New/Unread tabs.

@cpradio already made a PR that was merged in October of last year.

I am unsure if that was suppose to fix what I am looking for/missing. Because as of right now there’s no dismiss buttons at least for the new tab per category.

I also am wondering if it’s possible for the category drop down to remember that I was looking at the new/unread tabs. Instead of jumping to the latest for that category it would keep inside the new/unread tabs.

Unfortunately, that is very much intentional, as for New, there is a single column on the User that gets reset, it isn’t by category. So if you put the button on that page, it will be misleading.

Ahh I see. So it’s because of the database schema?

Here another original topic also covering this:

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I am seeing both Dismiss Posts and Dismiss Topics here on meta, here is an example for the “support” category:

But yes…
When changing the category from the Top Level - Unread from “all categories” to “support”…
It de-selects the “Unread” and lists “Latest”.

I think you can do it in a category for Unread but not for New.

Guessing its because topics are considered new if they were created after a single timestamp.

Yes, that’s for unread. I am guessing that is what @cpradio was alluding to. Here’s my New tab for the support category:

No dismiss buttons.

Thank you for confirming! I only wish for it to continue selecting either new or unread, if I was viewing one of them and then decide to narrow it down to a specific category.

Then it can’t be helped. Right now I have zero items listed in the unread tab for specific categories. I only wish to dismiss what’s in ‘new’ for a specific category.

That is currently impossible without significant schema changes and I’m not sure it is a good idea, as that schema has to change as new categories are added or old ones deleted, etc.

And yes, my PR added support for the Unread tab on categories, so you could dismiss the posts/topics accordingly. During that process, I was going to approach the Dismiss New at a category level, but realized the work involved was well beyond my Ruby/Ember/Rails/Discourse abilities at the time (and still is).

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The schema, I figured. The moment you mentioned it above.

Any workarounds?

Continued here: