Propose to send digests equally in time, not all at once

In my case, Discourse sends several hundred digest at once:

It leads to a significant rejection rate:

It would be better if Discourse will send digests equally in time.

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I think you are getting marked as spam, not because of how fast mail is being sent, but because people don’t like the content of the mail. Check yourself, using the URL provided in the screenshot:

Problem Entries, (listings will cause email problems.)
33 “Spam” entries [10:33:37 27 Jan 2017 GMT+00]. - 33 entries [10:33:37 27 Jan 2017 GMT+00].

10 “Spamvertised” entries [20:21:03 11 Jan 2017 GMT+00]. - 10 entries [20:21:03 11 Jan 2017 GMT+00].

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This is a mailgun IP – unless you pay for a dedicated IP you will suffer due to poisonous neighbors sending actual spam from the same IP address! I struggled with this for weeks and tried to manually de-list the IP with each spam list over and over and it kept getting re-listed. Once I paid for a dedicated MailGun IP I never had a single bounce due to spam. 100% true story. Night and day difference.


That said, I support adding ±30 minutes of “jitter” to the individual digests so it doesn’t send all at once. But I don’t think that’s your problem.


You might be able to file a ticket with Mailgun and ask them to move you to a better IP.

One giant advantage of jitter is that if you happen to mistakenly send spam out there in the digest (something I saw today) there is a higher chance people can get on top of it prior to it being blasted to the rest of the community.