Digests all sending at the same time

So I had an issue a long time ago where our digest emails stopped working for a extended period of time (I set the ‘suppress digest email after days’ value too high as I wanted to disable it, but this prevented all digest emails from sending).

Now a huge amount of digest emails are clumped together and get sent out on the same day, at the same time. It’s quite a bit of a shotgun and SMTP providers are not a fan.

I believe this also caused an issue where a large amount of bounced emails were reset on the same day causing our under 0.5% bounce rate to spike up to 60%. I’m going to permanently disable all users who reach the bounce threshold of 4 to prevent this in the future.

Is there a way to randomise and re-distribute the digest schedule somewhat evenly? Would appreciate any help.

If your issue is the backlog in Sidekiq I believe there is a way to flush the Sidekiq queue.

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@codinghorror - I did have that issue at one point and flushed it. The issue currently is more that, due to the emails not being sent for a long time the weekly digest emails all got delayed for longer than a week. So I believe the logic for sending emails is something like if the last emailed time is more than 1 week ago (depending on the digest schedule), send email now. Essentially putting the once naturally distributed weekly digests (aligned with when the user signed up) into a weekly burst.

If digest emails aren’t that important you can maybe just disable them outright?

Flush the queue and increase the suppress digest email after days site setting value daily (or even more often after your sidekiq queue is cleared and if not exceeded the quota) from a small number to your current value. It will resolve the issue. For example 3, 7, 15 … 365


Wow thanks @vinothkannans, really appreciate it - this should work perfectly. I’ll report back if there are any issues, but should be smooth sailing :smiley:


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