Provide a drop down of actions to filter by on Logs > Staff Actions

Okay, everyone knows there is a hard 200 limit on the Staff Actions Log. However, if you have a lot of deleted topics, deleted posts, whatever, you may not be able to see a change trust level, suspend user, or check email log entry.

What I propose is a Action drop down that lists all of the actions that are logged so we can quickly filter to one to see its 200 recent entries.

Once an action is selected, the drop down can disappear (or remain) since there is a Show Everything to get back to a “no action is being filtered state” where the drop down would become visible again.

This remains as is (or may have the Action drop down still visible… your call, I can live with either implementation)

For fairly active forums, this would allow us to see the actions we are most interested in based on activity we saw recently that has surpassed the latest 200 logged actions (this happens a lot on our instance).

Oh and sorry for the crappy mockup, I didn’t have a lot of time to create it.


Sounds like a good idea, the list could be generated by a SELECT DISTINCT.

Against the entire log (not just the first 200) :wink: As the action I want is typically outside of the first 200 :slight_smile:


Oh, and if it isn’t too much work, I’d like to see a textbox so we could enter a Username to filter by as that user may not be in the first 200 entries.

Lastly, a textbox that would let us enter a full or partial IP to show matches on so we can try and find patterns with recent users we deleted.