Improve our ability to view Staff Action Logs

Okay, so the staff action logs are great, if, the action happened in the last 200 actions. If you are on an active forum, those 200 actions don’t go very far :frowning:

So here is my quick list of what I’d like the Staff Action logs to provide:

  1. Load more as we scroll.
  2. Data loaded while scrolling respects filters/searches currently in place
  3. Allow searching of the json detail (this permits us to find patterns quicker if we can do some hazy searching)
  4. (optional) Sorting, let us sort the results by the column headings currently provided – not sure how much I’d use this on this screen… hence optional.
  1. Provide a list of possible actions (or existing actions?) to filter by.

Sorry, I’m going to edit that one as the way I wrote it, it doesn’t say what I meant

Edit: okay, item 2 has been updated to reflect what I really wanted to say. Sorry about that, I actually like the filters that already exist and I use them a lot.