Provide admin settable password reminder link when using SSO

My site uses SSO, so the login and password reminder functionality is provided elsewhere and not in discourse.

I just noticed today that when I select the To stop receiving notifications about this particular topic, click here. link in a discourse email notification I am taken to a page with a button that helpfully says I don't recall my account details. When I select that, I get a Password Reset popup that then doesn’t work. When I put in my username and hit reset password it greys out for a second and then nothing happens.

Better would be to have this take me to the password reminder page over on my site which actually does work. It’s a standard URL that will always work, which could sensibly be available as an admin setting.

(Currently broken functionality is a drag because I just wanted to send out some instructions to members on how to change watching settings for topics - some are complaining that they are getting way too much email they are not interested in and have just started deleting anything from our discourse site because of it. Even better would be to allow people to change their watching settings to normal with one click, without logging in at all.)


Hmm yeah this is broken for SSO. @techapj can you add it to your list?

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For now, I fixed this issue by removing “forgot password” link on SSO enabled instances.


This is great - thanks!

Though for pulling in those recalcitrant email participants having the password reminder link there would be useful.