Publicly display a private category

Hello, I have created a private category accessible only to members of a group, but I would like this category to be visible to everyone, that is to say even to members who do not belong to this group.

How do I do it?

Open settings of that category and then security. You should allow reading to everyone and starting topics and answering to that group.

Thanks for your response.

That’s what I did, but the category is not displayed on the forum if the person is not in the group related to this category

my category “test access” is not displayed

Can you take screenshot of security settings of that category?

(I slide this to support …)

This might be what you are looking for?


I’m guessing livres is books in english, and it is name of a group.

You are now allowing reading and answering to group livres, nothing else.

You can do something like this (so sorry, it is in finnish):

  • first group guru can read, answer and start a topic
  • second group kaikki is everybody and that is what you are looking for: no matter what’s the status is everyone can read
  • third one is everyone who’s logged in: they can read and answer
  • fourth one is group of category moderators

Can similar one work to you?

Yes, but it doesn’t work for me. I still can’t make a category visible to everyone and block it if someone is not in the associated group

Thanks Jakke, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I want to make all my categories visible to everyone, but restrict access to some.

As we all have to do. That’s why we have security settings there. You must set them as you want, category after category.

I suggest posting on that topic. That’s what that component is meant to do.

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