Publish/pin video in the community

Hi Team,

Need some help with getting a video published on the community.

We have created a tour video of our site. I’m looking for best options to host it in the website. some of the ideas are:

1. Embed the video in the homepage, possible?
2. Upload to the site and show a pinned post in the homepage, possible?
3. Showcase it to our customers, what are the possible options?

Are there by default easy ways to make this work?

Please share your insights.


If you upload a video directly to a topic you can make it appear as a banner topic, which will make it visible at the top of every page (and will include the video). Individual users will be able to dismiss the banner.

That’s the quickest/easiest way to get it to appear for all users… if you only want the video to show on the homepage I believe you’ll need to build a custom theme component.

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