Embed Youtube video (livestream) in topic header?

We’re trying to migrate a church group away from watching livestreams and commenting on the church’s Facebook page (or at least provide an option for those who’ve sworn off FB.)

The Onebox feature showcases the video wonderfully in the first post on our Discourse site, but then the first post including the livestreaming video scrolls off the top as more comments are added.

The first thing I’d look into would be to embed the Youtube video instead in the topic header, which already is sticky at the top of the browser window (but is not as tall as a video is likely to be).

Is there an approach or a plugin that will handle this? (We don’t want this for all topics across the site, but it would be ok for it to be set for all topics within, say, the “livestream comments” category.)



This gets us a lot of the way there: Media Overlay component
The iframe solution is particularly helpful.

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