Pull Social Comments Into Discourse

trying out discourse and wonder if anything available like this?

Pull in Tweets and Replies as Comments

When publishing to Facebook and Twitter, the discussion is likely to
continue there. Through Social, we can aggregate the various mentions,
retweets, @replies, comments and responses and republish them as
WordPress comments.

Automatically polls Twitter and Facebook for mentions of your postDisplays mentions inline with commentsFilter comments by originating source (Facebook, Twitter, or your blog as comments)Allow users to reply to the offsite responses

link to wordpress plugin: Social – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

inside wordpress, can simply paste URL of tweet and it’ll be shown as wordpress comment under blog post.


Discussion is supposed to happen on Discourse, not elsewhere.

I don’t understand this request. Can you explain it more? What is it you are trying to accomplish, maybe with an example?

Agree that discussion is supposed to happen on Discourse but …

if this post was shared on social media and many comment on it Pull Social Comments Into Discourse say on fb or twitter which may even have some good “arguments” but it stays there.

In wordpress, if discussion is elsewhere, the admin has an option to bring those discussion back into the original post using the plugin I linked. Very useful IMHO.

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I think, to rephrase @charles’s post…

“Yes, but if it does… then this would be nice.”

@charles: Any reason you can’t do that yourself? Tweets will embed if you have Twitter api set up, so you can embed that in the topic and comment on it.