Can the WP Discourse active with Facebook Comments plugin at the same time?

As title topic, I wonder if my website, is using a Facebook plugin for comment and already disabled the default comment of Wordpress (hosted by shared hosting Bluehost, CDN by Cloudflare), can still use WP Discourse, and if it possible, how it will look like (example, under or above the Facebook plugin comment)?

Thank you.

It should still be possible to publish posts from WordPress to Discourse with the Facebook comment plugin enabled. I am not sure if it will be possible to display the Discourse comments on WordPress though. If you try it and it works, could you let us know?

Unfortunately, I tried, and the plugin not active with Facebook plugin comment already enabled.

Maybe I will try to remove Facebook plugin first, to see what is going on.

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Hello, after some try, now I can make the Discourse comment appears in below the Facebook plugin, like in my website screen


However, as you can see, somehow it appears in a very weird style. Is there anyway for me to fix this? Since I dont know much about css actually.

Thank you.

Try enabling the ‘Load Comment CSS’ setting. That setting might fix the problem. It is found on the WP Discourse Comment Settings tab.

I tried just now, but it can’t help. May I know if the css style of Discourse comment appear in Wordpress is also use same css style with normal comments?

Yes, the markup of the Discourse comments is very similar to the markup of normal WordPress comments. The CSS that is supplied by your theme will add styles to the comments. Usually this works quite well.

I see. That mean I need to edit the css of comment box in my website.
Maybe it too much, but what kind of css I need to change in this case, just for the quote comment box is in right orders and positions? In the case this request is out-topic, I am sorry, just ingore it.

Also, the WP Discourse seem only working on singe post page of Wordpress, since it doesn’t give me optional when create a Page. Is it true or just problem in my website again?

You need to change the CSS for ol.comment-list and possibly the CSS for ol.comment-list .comment . The CSS on your site may be less specific than this. For example, it might only use the class .comment-list to target the comment list.

One change you could try would be:

.comment-list {
    list-style: none;

This should remove the numbers from the left side of your comments list.

To use the plugin with pages, you need to select both ‘post’ and ‘page’ from the ‘Post Types to Publish’ setting. That setting is found on the Publishing Settings tab.

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