Push Notifications/Emails

Hiya All,

I’m not sure what’s going on recently or where to pinpoint things down which this is unusual.

In the last 3 weeks things have changed in the community I’ve been part of and as no warnings when the discourse software is being updated or patched in the background it’s just one of those “oohh that’s new functions,what does it do. .click” moments. Which I sometime like to explore & learn.


I just happened to check the community im apart of as my devices seemed very quiet over the weekend and the way I have things setup is I get emails and push notifications for everything in each section (apart from likes/badge alerts etc…as I have no options for these so they remain a surprise when I login).

And to my surprise there was a handful of new posts waiting for answers from members that I hadn’t had any emails about or any push notifications on my devices yet they are enabled and working.

Thankfully it was only 5 hours passed when I saw the posts by manually opening the community but I’m normally quicker than this to reply to things… I spent time and checked all my settings and the “tracking” settings and email settings and they all look okay to me yet even now I’ll only get 1 or 2 random emails that are 1 hour later than the post was made or later but again no discourse bubble in my notification tray on my devices.

I would look on the “discourse try” site but this doesnt have admin access abilities to play with.

Any ideas from anyone as a non admin user to check…mind you everything was working fine 3 weeks prior so I’m not sure if something is broken or not.