How to get notifications for all new posts

I wonder if there is a way to get all notifications from a Discourse server without being administrator. For example gets updates when any post or reply is posted. I subscribed to a mailing list but it is very slow, I only gets the email after hours. Why is it so slow?

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For all new posts/replies, as in your title? You can go into Preferences > Categories and set to Watch for all categories individually. Other options are Track, Watch first post, and Mute.

Click for screenshot

Does that help? :confused:

Well I tried it but it’s not working. I don’t have any notification. What I’m looking for would be to get push notifications OR/AND have emails quickly. I use mailing list but the emails arrive only at the end of the day or I don’t know how that works but that’s slow.
EDIT: I’ve just downloaded the app Discourse Hub to see if I’ll get notifications.

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@snowcode, I’m not sure about the emails, but you can check Preferences > Notifications for push and desktop notifications.

Each forum might have the option for this feature configured slightly differently. This is what I see via mobile, from two different ones where I participate:

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Well the forum I want doesn’t have this feature. I am currently trying the app but is it possible that I see the notification without getting any sound? Or am I just dumb and I got a prob with my phone?

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Never an option! :grin:

I’m not sure. Post what phone you’re using, and then hopefully another user will have more info for you. :crossed_fingers:

For this, you would need to review the app’s notification settings within your phone’s Settings…I think.

Don’t get discouraged! Keep troubleshooting and posting here! :+1:


Thank you for this kind message. It’s really nice to see such motivation and kindness in forum :smiley:
My phone is an Android 6.0 (LG-K10) but I actually didn’t saw anything about the notification in the settings. But I keep looking for it :eyes:

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I’ve just tried with another forum but I think that push notifications are getting into the process of getting notification on the app. Because on this forum, push notifications cannot be enabled. So I don’t know how I’m going to do that, if anybody has an idea of script or extension for a browser to get all notifications out of a Discourse server (without getting access to the admin stuff) I am highly interested. :eyes:

Your problems are specific to that discourse site so you would need to ask the admins there…

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