Stopped getting email notifications on new posts

All of sudden I have stopped getting email notifications for new posts although I have subscribed to the category with bell icon. My team members are getting email notifications. Not sure what has changed in my profile.
I have checked all settings related to notifications and didnt find any which would block.
Any suggestions… Is there any setting which would enable these email notifications?

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Which bell? It has to be a “Watching” bell.

The second option in Preferences/Emails I think is the one that turns notifications into emails.

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Thanks for your reply.
Yeah it is the Watching bell.
Also in Preferences/Emails all the top 3 options have value set as always. Still I dont get any email notification.

There are logs available via the Discourse web interface.

Or if you use Mailgun or whatever, there should be logs available there too.

Maybe you have Hotmail or something similar that just decided that it’s spam.

Maybe your IT department could help if you have one.

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Thanks again!
I have setup my company email & I’ve already checked unfortunately there’s nothing in spam or junk.
I’ll check logs to see if I can find out anything.