Pushing critical messages to emails

A group of 500 is looking to use Discourse for our org.

In addition to members wanting to post questions and discuses things, we need to announce things, like “there will be a vote at the next meeting” or “the power is out, don’t bother coming in.”

Currently we have a DB of everyone’s email and will loop over the list and send everyone a message. I am hoping we can replace that by posting to a topic that is set up like an -announce email list.

I don’t want rely on the user doing any setup, (I don’t want to have to explain that the reason they didn’t get an email was because they didn’t set it up.) I am hoping there is some elegant way of configuring new users to bet setup like this. I am OK with them turning it off later.

This would also apply to new categories of critical communication being created, start with everyone getting an email.

Maybe even not allowing the user to turn off email. Our current system doeesn’t allow the to stop us from sending them email. Not surprising, I think we send out a blast about once every 3 weeks.

Is this something that is easy, or has been discussed, or something? I am not sure what to search for.

What you want is for members of a group to be forced to watch a category. If you are “watching” a category then you get every message posted to it.

See Make members of a group watch a category by default.

I think that someone made a plugin that will do this, but that it has no admin interface (that is, the group to category mapping is hard-coded in the plugin). You’d need to fork or copy the plugin and add your own group mappings.


Category watching defaults are now historically set by changing the default categories site settings.