Put the last update date instead of the creation date in the search results for wikis?

Example: Search results for 'discord in:title' - Discourse Meta

The two last results from my screenshots show topics 4 and 7 years old. One could think they are probably outdated, though they are up-to-date guides.

As we can see on the 2016 topic: Display a Discourse RSS feed in Discord

It was updated in May. The same goes for the other topic, which was updated in April.

On a topic view, a post’s date will be the last update date, whereas, on a non-wiki one, it will show the creation date, regardless of the following edits. The last edition date seems mort important for a wiki.

But the search result doesn’t take this into account.

If a topic’s first post is a wiki, would it be legitimate to show the last edition date in the search results? Would it make the result “more accurate” in some way?