Wiki topics look incredibly out of date?

Hi all,

I am about to install discourse on to a server I have up and running with a couple of other rails apps.

I’m looking to host it on a subfolder rather than a subdomain so I will likely use these instructions Subfolder support with Docker (I couldn’t find anything else that looked better/newer)

The instructions look a little out of date. Is this still the recommended way to do this?



That #howto is up to date, I used it myself last month.


I’m an idiot - I just looked at the post date without realising it had been updated just a couple of months ago…


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Most of the #howto documents are 1+ years old now, we’ve been around for going on 4 years! In general, I’d suggest assuming that the guides work, and posting in the guide’s topic if you run into issues. We do our best to keep them up to date, but things do fall through the cracks sometimes.


@J77J makes a point. I wonder whether the date of a wikified OP should change when it’s edited (feature request) or whether whoever updates #howto documents should make a note of the last time it was edited (user training). Figuring that out seems like the kind of thing that’s now in your wheelhouse, @jomaxro. :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting question. There’s been previous discussion about improving wiki topics, including adding a post to the topic when an edit is made:

I’m not sure what the best solution is. Editing a non-wiki topic does not change the post date, so changing the post date of a wiki topic could be confusing. I do also think that knowing when the topic was created is useful, not just when the last update was.

The edit log icon displays the last edit date, but only on hover. Perhaps for wiki topics only displaying the last edit date would be useful. Something like this could work image but I fear there will be confusion over the two different dates. Some text could be added, but now the top right corner is getting pretty full. image.

Typing all this out made me think a bit more about this however. An “old” guide is not necessarily a bad thing - it just means the feature/settings the guide is about hasn’t changed. Looking at the subfolder guide, for example, there haven’t been substantive changes since Nov 2016. That doesn’t make the guide any better or worse, it just means that Docker, NGINX, and Discourse haven’t made changes to this area in a year.

I guess I don’t necessarily see the need to make changes here at this time. I still like Sam’s independent idea to include a note in the topic stream when edits are made, but I don’t think we need to adjust how the last edit date is displayed at this time.


Yes I agree with this, @zogstrip can you add it to your list? Date of last edit should be displayed by default for wiki topics, not date of creation.


This is now done as of


Confirmed looks fantastic, last edit date on this wiki was June 20th and…