Updating a wiki post, doesn't put it to the top of latest

I’m a bit confused about this. If I have a site with only wiki posts, and I edit a wiki post it doesn’t appear at the top of latest.

Am I doing something wrong?

I can see searching here that someone mentions that it only bumps to the top if its a reply or if it was the last edited post. How can I bump all edits irrespective of post time?

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There is no setting in Discourse that bumps a topic when any post in that topic is edited.

If you want that behavior I suggest making sure you are always editing the last post, and one way to ensure that is to close the topic after the first post so there is a single post in the topic.

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This doesn’t work for me because I have wiki entries that are larger that 90000 characters, so I split them into multiple posts.

You’ll need to make sure you always edit the last post as a part of your cycle, then.