Putting your own mention in your name and clicking the mention jumps the usercard to a weird position

This is more of a ux issue than a bug issue so I put it in UX.

To reproduce: Click on a place where your usercard is displayed. Then, click the mention. Your username will then be displayed in a weird postion.


Indeed… Can repro the issue! :slight_smile:


(This might be better as a UX topic, but I’m not sure)
If you open the user card of someone who has a mention in their bio, and then open that mention, the user card moves to the top left corner of your screen. I’m not sure how this behaves on mobile, but it’s reproducible on desktop. I’ve added my mention to the start of my bio to help with testing if needed.


This has been reported before, so I’ve slipped your post across to keep them grouped together. :+1:


Yeah, I am still able to reproduce this UX issue to this day:

It has not been dealt with in months.

I think this may be specific to the Experimental User Card we have here on meta. Testing on my test site seems to take you straight to the user page instead.

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