Slash preceeding an @mention does not generate usercard link

(Apparently Archetype) #1

A slash preceeding an @mention causes the markup for the user card link to not be generated.



this should have generated two notifications, but only contain the usercard link for Jeff.

EDIT… of course it doesn’t do it here. works on as well as try.d (link while it lasts)

EDIT2: nope. i just used the wrong slash.

(Apparently Archetype) #2

looks like quite a few chaacters also cause the bug:

for example these three constructs generated notifications, but are missing mention hyperlink in cooked:

(Sam Saffron) #3

@eviltrout I think this is cause of

But there may be other spots in the mention matcher as well that are causing this.

(James D) #4

I’ve put in a pull request that resolves the mention-after-a-slash case.

(Alan Tan) #5