PWA (twa, offline)

Hello and greetings, i have tried to create Android App with Bubblerwrap:

  • is a Command Line Interface (CLI) that helps developers to create a Project for an Android application that launches an existing Progressive Web App (PWA) using a Trusted Web Activity (TWA).

Actually its pretty easy to use:

but i cant get it working, because i have to change few things in manifest.json like:
splash screen
display to fullscreen
theme color for the address bar
maskable icon

and how can i upload service worker file in my website dir in docker?
(never before worked with docker containers or discourse, still learning)

I know there is possibility to install automatically PWA app on chrome in the adress bar of the website, but the offline modus isnt working, maybe i can get it working with the service worker and some caching?

Best regards


Discourse is already a PWA, no need to change anything. Just install your instance following Discourse official Standard Installation and fill the new site wizard.