Progressive Web Application (PWA)


Firefox 58 just added support for PWAs for Android:

See them in action here:

Here some more (developer) information about how they work:

This already works with a lot of websites like Twitter or Facebook. Now, why not make Discourse compatible, too? That would close the gap of a missing (real/native*) Android app.
But it feels like a native app, and just works with the web version, without much changes.

* As Discourse’ Android app is also just a webkit wrapper.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Discourse is already compatible:

Only thing we are missing is offline browsing, and that’s a huge amount of work.


Okay, great, But in Firefox it does not work on your site here. Although Firefox actually has lower requirements for that homescreen button to appear (it’s a button, not a banner there).

It works in Chromium though, so what do you do differently here?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Our manifest is right here:

No idea why Firefox can’t parse it.

Only thing that jumps to me that we call it manifest.json instead of manifest.webmanifest, but I guess it should pick whatever is declared with <link rel="manifest" href="/file.extension">.

EDIT: Looks like the extension really changed!

Gotta fix the extension and the mime-type.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

Hey @rugk,

I did a cleanup in all things webmanifest and took the time to update our implementation to the letter of the spec.

It’s working on Firefox now.

This also unlocks rotation @codinghorror.


Wasn’t this the Discourse philosophy all along? No accident the mobile view in particular is engineered the way it is …