Query about Patreon API automation

Can someone tell me how the system is checking new users/patrons when it syncs? Is it a match on emails or is there a token or id value that is generated when they use the “Become a Patron” link in the forums.

Meaning what happens when people become patrons directly on the Patreon page without using the link? Do they get sync’d or no?

Currently I have 22 patrons but only 18 in the Pareon group. I also have some members who aren’t in the group who have Patreon ID data in their profiles and some that don’t. Adding them manually only results in them being removed when the sync occurs as well.

Thanks for any help in understanding this process.


From what I discovered two issues were affecting the proper sync. Mismatch of user emails vs. Patreon site. And an issue which I guess Patreon is aware of and that is when a user ups their pledge level outside the normal tiers. This in effect makes them a ‘no tier’ user and not able to gain the specified benefits of a tier. Seems wonky to me as to why someone paying $35 more for a thing would not at least get the thing that was $15. Sounds like they need help over there. :smiley:

I am still unsure of whether or not the email issue was simply due to users signing up on the Patreon site and not via the in-forum link. If anyone has any knowledge of how that works I would appreciate it.


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Yes, they will be synced.

When they create an account we check if they are already a patron (via email match) and try to assign the corresponding groups memberships right away.

If the forum account is created first and the user becomes a patron later, our background sync will check every 6 hours.

All this uses matching emails, as it’s the easiest way to introduce the feature into an already existing community without forcing Patreon logins.

I’m aware of this, but it’s “working as intended” from the plugin point of view.

Users can either pick a tier, which has a fixed amount, or go tier-less and pay a custom amount.

Most creators have enough tiers so everyone is happy picking one of the existing ones, and all work well. If you have many members using tier-less patronage options, you may want to introduce more tiers.

Also, if you want everyone to be able to pick a custom amount and get forum perks, we have a special tier that the plugin creates called $0 - All Patrons that you can use. This one also covers patrons out of the existing tiers. And it’s what the plugin uses out of the box.


It can match either the Discourse primary email or secondary email. So if a user uses different emails at Patreon and Discourse, have them add their Patreon email as their Discourse secondary email, and it will sync within 6 hours.

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Yes I did note that adding their Patreon email (if different) as a secondary matched it as well.

Thanks guys!

@Falco - The information about the $0 - All patrons should help catch the outliers perhaps.

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