Query to find out who marked the solution as solved

(Mark R) #1

I see the “is_accepted_answer” name with the “true” value in the post_custom_fields. I also see the created_at and updated_at field but I am looking for something like an updated_by field. Where can I find out who marked the post as the solution?

(David Taylor) #2

There’s some queries you can put into data explorer here:

I’ve also just added them to the main discourse-solved topic, alongside the “badges” SQL queries

(Mark R) #3

Thanks for the super detailed response. I took a look and don’t have any results for action_type = 15. Is that the same as post_action_type? Looks like I have only 8.

(David Taylor) #4

How old are the “solved” events that you’re trying to analyse, it’s possible that you’ve hit this problem

(Mark R) #5

Thanks. The topics involved and the “solved” events are only a couple of days old. I will check to see the versions. You have definitely given me things to check out.

It looks like there is only 1 version “0.1” of the plugin and I appear to be on that version. My guess is the update with the “solved” event does not exist in what I am running.