Question about forum categorisation

QUESTION 1: Remove ability for users to post

  • Looking to stop users from selecting the parent category (level 1) to post their topic to, and only allow posting to the child category (level 2)

  • Reasoning: Trying to encourage users to select the most relevant category for them, to hyper-optimise the forum and the topics of conversation

QUESTION 2: Removing ability for users to create new categories

  • Is there a way to stop users from being able to create their own random categories, and have to select a pre-existing category (even if it’s a miscellaneous category that the business has created)

  • Reasoning: Retain a level of control so that not too many categories get created and users can no longer find the most relevant categories for them

Remove the Create/Reply permissions in the parent category for normal users. Make the parent categories “See” only for everyone.

Users can’t create categories in Discourse. Only staff can.

Thank you! I’ll give this a go! I’d previously read that child categories couldn’t have higher levels of permissions than parent categories, but will test this out!

Good to know re: staff, too! Can they create their own tags? Or is that staff only?

That’s true, but making the parent visible to all should be enough in this case. What wouldn’t work is making the parent invisible to all.

Regarding tags, you can control who can create and use in the site settings min trust to create tag and min trust level to tag topics. If you want full control over tags, make “create” staff only.